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Archetypes of the Sacred Feminine
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Invoking the Sacred Feminine

Invoking the Sacred Masculine

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eves fire

DVD copies of our evocumentary Eve's Fire are available now on www.amazon.com for $11.99.


I am now offering
Matrix Energetics sessions
as well as individual
training and education
in the Sacred Feminine,
Spiritual Awakening
and the Grief of Known
and Ambiguous Losses.


The Flame Bearer
is only as large as she is small.
You remember this saying?
It means no one is ever worthy to do what she is called to do.
No one is ever significant

The mission is always larger
than the one who goes out
on the mission.

The Flame Bearer is made up of the same clay that makes
every woman.
She is a Flame Bearer only because she knows, in the clay lives the spirit of The Mother. 

If Chochma waited for one woman who was more worthy than another,
how would The Mother do her
work in this world?

~ Kim Chernin,
The Flame Bearers




This Temple of the Sacred Feminine is devoted to the awakening, embodiment, and honoring of the Sacred Feminine in women, men, and the planet.

Are you ready to turn toward the fire of longing in your heart?

The time has arrived to bring the core Temple mysteries and work of Sacred Feminine Initiation to Boulder, Colorado.

This Temple, which I was guided to found in the mid-80's in Maryland, and has been in operation primarily in Maryland, is now abiding in Boulder, Colorado, where I have lived for more than 20 years. I have communted all of these years to offer the initiations, trainings, portals, and retreats. We have also held many retreats over the years in Crestone, CO, Ghost Ranch, NM, West Virginia, and Mexico.

Please go to the tab "About Us" for information about me, my work in general, and the founding of this Temple.

This Temple has been held within the crucible of the Temenos Center which literally rose out of the ashes of an extraordinary Kundalini awakening in 1983.

A new website for theTemenos Center, which will include all Temple information, will be coming soon!


The essence of my work is to hold sacred space for women and men who are longing for healing their hearts and/or longing to directly experience the Mystery.

The centrality of my work, my calling, is to offer and guide women through the portals of Sacred Feminine Initiation.

I can support you in finding what you are seeking by teaching you how to turn toward your own heart, which is the portal to the Divine Mother and the Great Mystery.

All life, all beings great and small, are held in Her grace-filled embrace and I am in service to Her. This temple embodies a very powerful morphic field in resonance with other mystery schools, past and present.

I offer individual sessions in person and via phone or video conferencing, as well as video-groups and workshops online, in Boulder and Maryland. I am available to offer workshops to groups of healing practitioners in Colorado and other places. The Path of the Wounded Healer has been my life-long journey and I have spent the last 35 years serving others who walk that path, regardless of profession.

I offer half-hour consults by phone to see if this is the right next step for you. To make an appointment, please email me: temenosctr@aol.com

Jai Jai MA!


There are many articles on the Sacred Feminine, Awakening, and Samyama Practice available
if you click the "Articles" tab . Enjoy!



Samyama: Alchemy of the Heart

Samyama is an ancient meditation practice described in the Patanjali Sutras that appeared in my meditation one day about over 25 years ago, to my great surprise. I was unfamiliar with this form of meditation at the time, so I simply followed the detailed instruction I was given on the inner levels in how to turn toward my heart.

This radically changed my life and my work with others, and the lives of the many who have taken on the practice and the healing modality. It is the central practice, among many, that is taught and used in the Temple initiation work.

Please go to the 'Samyama' tab to learn more.



©sheila foster 2014

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