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EVENTS: Winter & Spring 2015


Archetypes of the Sacred Feminine
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Invoking the Sacred Feminine

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I am now offering
Matrix Energetics sessions
as well as individual
training and education
in the Sacred Feminine,
Spiritual Awakening
and the Grief of Known
and Ambiguous Losses.


The Flame Bearer
is only as large as she is small.
You remember this saying?
It means no one is ever worthy to do what she is called to do.
No one is ever significant

The mission is always larger
than the one who goes out
on the mission.

The Flame Bearer is made up of the same clay that makes
every woman.
She is a Flame Bearer only because she knows, in the clay lives the spirit of The Mother. 

If Chochma waited for one woman who was more worthy than another,
how would The Mother do her
work in this world?

~ Kim Chernin,
The Flame Bearers


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Ambiguous Losses
What Are They and How Do We Live a Full Life With Them?
Friday, January 23, 2015 ~ 7-9PM
Caritas Center Boulder, CO
303-449-3066 for info


Ambiguous Loss: A Gateway to Grace
A Ceremonial Day for Men & Women
Sophia Center, MD
Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ancestral Ceremonies
The Mystery of the Knowing Field:
Soul Work in a Non-Traditional Constellation Experience
 Women & Men Are Invited

April 10 & 11, 2015 ~ Sophia Center, MD


Someone I loved once gave me
a box full of darkness.
 It took me years to understand
  that this, too, was a gift.
                   ~Mary Oliver (Thirst)

         Most people have not heard the term “ambiguous loss” even though all of us have experienced many of them in our lifetime.  An ambiguous loss sometimes seems to be an ‘invisible’ loss because it is often not recognized or acknowledged as a significant loss, either by others or even by ourselves, in the same way a death is—with community recognition, ceremony, condolences, and a sense of finality.  It is not uncommon for us to minimize our ambiguous losses as “just part of life” and therefore not grieve them or resolve the grief the way we would with an acknowledged loss like the death of someone we love.  Ambiguous losses can be devastating, agonizing, evoke fear and deep heartbreak because they offer no true closure.
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Archetypes of the Sacred Feminine

It gives me great delight to offer this this little e-book, Archetypes of the Sacred Feminine, the first fruit from a large body of work that is now being harvested into words. This download is a 33 page excerpt from a larger book, Sacred Feminine Initiation: An Archetypal Journey. This e-book is a 33 page excerpt that includes one chapter on Sacred Feminine initiation, and five chapters describing each of the five core archetypal energies I have been working with since 1980: the Mother, the Amazon, the Lover, the Medial, and the Queen. Enjoy!!


There are many articles on the Sacred Feminine, Awakening, and Samyama Practice available
if you click Articles. Enjoy!



Samyama: Alchemy of the Heart

Samyama is an ancient meditation practice from Raja Yoga that appeared in my meditation one day about 20 years ago, to my great surprise. I was unfamiliar with this form of meditation at the time, so I simply followed the detailed instruction I was given on the inner levels in how to turn toward my heart. This radically changed my life and my work with others, and the lives of the many it has touched, as you will see when you read what others say about Samyama below.

makes it possible to directly experience life as it is, be in the present moment, and meet ourselves in our own precious hearts, no matter what is happening in any given moment. It is also a path and a portal to the realization of our essential being, the pure awareness that is the unified field. The practice also offers a profound level of healing for our deepest wounds. From my own experiences, as well as witnessing so many others doing Samyama, I see that it is an amazing gift of Grace that keeps on giving, endlessly, and an exquisite vessel of receptive devotion

Samyama is truly Alchemy of the Heart. This means that when we learn the skill and cultivate the practice, amazing changes occur within our hearts so that healing of painful emotional states occurs and we open to the silence and peace of our essential nature.

The instruction given to me was simple: no matter what was arising, I was directed to bring my attention back to my heart and hold my focus there on whatever what happening in my heart. It sounds simple, and it is, once you learn the skill involved. We all can feel what is in our hearts, and we do. What we don’t understand are the subtlties of attention that are involved to activate the Alchemy of the Heart.

Once I began using the practice several times a day, I became more peaceful in general, and this was remarkable to me at the time, as I was going through a painful time. Ever since, I have used Samyama daily for meditation, self healing, for simply being with what is. My center of consciousness has shifted from head to heart, as it does with most of the people who practice Samyama daily.

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